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1 HP Heart [1.6.0] [Parkour]

On this map are ten levels with different tasks related to parkour. This mini-game will force You to exercise particular restraint and patience, as You will have only one heart to complete each stage. With such a scenario is not particularly swing, You have to very carefully choose every step, because here You are extremely vulnerable. Any mistake would lead to death and, consequently, the level will automatically restart. At first glance it seems pretty simple because of the size of each location, but believe me, if You love to jump and overcome difficulties, you will not regret downloading and trying to pass this map.

75 Ways To Die [1.5.3] [Mini game]

Death is one of the most unpleasant things in the world of Minecraft. If you constantly die in the game, You'll never succeed. However, on this map, quite the opposite, once You die, You get to a higher level. Each step is a small puzzle inside a square room where Your goal is to find a way to kill yourself to get access to the next test. The mini-game really funny and interesting for its unconventional approach.

MC-PE 2018