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Dynamic Lights Shader [1.7.0]

Dynamic Lights - very useful resource with shaders. It introduces a brand new application of the usual torches. Now, when You take in hand a burning stick, all around immediately illuminated with bright light, and You will be easier to explore the dark corners of caves and dungeons. And yet, going into adventure impenetrable night, it will be easier to look for the approaching monsters. With the addon You will surely save more coal and wood for other useful things, such as cooking or construction.

Tint Shader (Windows 10) [1.4.4]

Tint Shader adds new beautiful n*Censored*ena, shadows and lighting for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Due to certain restrictions it is only available for users of Windows 10 (PC). Night n*Censored*about lit amazing Northern lights. Not only are these shaders make the world more realistic, they also add another brand new study quality in the game, because everything becomes more attractive to explore.

Enhanced Vanilla Shader [1.2.6]

This Shader was created to improve the light from the torch and shadow Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Despite the fact that it is quite a small change, it creates a completely new atmosphere and authenticity to the game graphics. If you are looking for a little more realism, but still want to retain the original look of Minecraft, the Enhanced Shader package Vanilla - perfect.

EVO Shaders [1.2.6]

EVO Shaders Mod is beyond anything we've seen before. No matter what game area You will find yourself, everything will look ten times better. Lava in Hell looks incredibly because of the glowing red-hot texture. A normal Minecraft world has gained a much more realistic and authentic appearance. Take, for example, the leaves of the trees moving in the wind and beautiful clean water.

SS10 Shader (Windows 10) [1.1.0]

SSPE is quite popular shaders created specifically for the handheld version of our beloved Minecraft. It is now possible to use them for those who prefer devices on the platform Windows 10. The package presented significantly adds to the game world realism, pushing graphics to the next level. However, some elements are yet lacking. For example, there is no swaying plants and something else, but most likely, the developer will fix this in a future update.

BLPE [1.1.0]

BLPE shaders will make Your usual Minecraft world much more mysterious. Flowers, grass, leaves, and other surrounding blocks will look bright and the water is brilliant and realistic. At the moment, the resource contains a few bugs that the developer promises to soon fix. For example, the still water and clouds, remaining the default after the installation submitted the Shader.

Matrix [1.1.0]

Are the Shader adds in the familiar world of Minecraft digital rain. Such conditions are similar to the popular movie "the Matrix". Digital rain - this is the code in a virtual environment, which is able to skillfully manipulate the main hero of the movie - Neo. It would be great if the Shader included animated figures.

TrippyPE [1.1.0]

Most likely You've never experienced are the Shader. With it the whole familiar world of Minecraft becomes wavy. If a person who knows about this resource, you'll see a game like this, he'd consider it a serious problem that must be solved. The Minecraft fully functional, but the curvature makes gameplay quite difficult, but interesting.

Only Upwards [1.1.0]

Only Upwards - a Shader for those who are extremely bored usual Minecraft world. The whole environment around You will look like she has a bias – but it's not. It introduced an optical illusion caused by the Shader. Maybe in these conditions You dizzy, but for greater effect try to drink the potion poisoning.

Whiteout [1.1.0]

Whiteout - not exactly a typical Shader, because it is not designed to improve gaming graphics. Instead, he paints all the blocks of Minecraft in the usual black and white tones. If You open the city map you may notice that the situation is very similar to the movie "sin City". Also, using the Shader, the usual mobs will be visible, which is very useful for survival mode.

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