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MCMojang [128x128] [1.1.0]

RobotPantaloons inspired a new website design so I decided to recreate the texture presented on the background of the popular portal. Panache turned out clean and simple, and also has a cartoon style. Building blocks look very good, they would make a great design that will please the eye with their bright colors. The idea of this resurspaka mostly taken from the original texture pack. Originally "MCMojang" was created for the PC version of Minecraft, but now You have the opportunity to try it out on their handheld devices. Presented texture pack is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB / Minecraft.

3t3 [16x16] [1.1.0]

Very simple and clean texture pack that changes almost every block, every mob and item. Perhaps the most successful here was the image of the sun. Great lines and a harmonious combination of colors in this package will delight those who love simplicity and elegance. 

Saturation Craft [16x16] [1.1.0]

This package delivers the original texture, but the color was much richer. This is a great option to refresh and diversify the graphics of the game, retaining the familiar outlines of objects. Flower fields have become indescribably beautiful, and what a sunset, what warm and friendly skies!

DynamicDuo PVP [32x32] [1.1.0]

DynamicDuo is a wonderful texture pack that makes the graphical user interface is more clean, neat and sophisticated. Many of the blocks surrounding plants were also changed, thanks to what began to look much nicer and less pixelated.
Various kinds of ores, in turn, received new textures and colors, and now they are much easier to notice while You patiently dig the mine.

Full Stone Slab Sides [16x16] [1.1.0]

A simple texture pack which differs from the conventional in that it somewhat different look of the stone slab when You laid them one on another. Of course, hardly anyone got the problem with the conventional stone slabs, but for those who are going to build a lot of this type of material, texture pack can come in handy. Why not?

DS Advance PE Texture Pack [16x16] [1.1.0]

Submitted all created to improve a little bored with all the textures of some familiar things. Doors, blocks, plants – everything that used to be boring and gray, completely redesigned and became a better match with the surrounding world of Minecraft. The Creator of the resource has approached the matter with skill and imagination. This package is very good for those who do not want to part with textures by default, but wishes to make some changes.

Meme Blocks [128x128] [1.1.0]

This unfortunately replaces all the colored blocks of wool on the most classic and hilarious memes. The different faces of persons well convey any human emotion. Typically, these memes are used to create a comic book that describe different life situations. This is the first creation that allows you to set your world in Minecraft Pocket Edition blocks to the popular images of funny faces.

Uncarved Pumpkin [16x16] [1.1.0]

Beautiful and simple texture pack that makes pumpkins more realistic. Of course, pumpkins with carved faces there are in this world, but they are the fruit of man's work. In the garden the same faces can not grow. Therefore, this texture pack makes the pumpkins in the garden more natural.

Fidget Spinner [16x16] [1.1.0]

Perhaps this package can't lay claim to being one of the most useful in Minecraft Pocket Edition, but it's pretty funny! 
Spinner (in English "Twister") is a small, toy-stress, which is fun to fiddle with. Presents all introduces such a device in our favorite game. When You start to spin, the spinner will spin in your hands.

Invisible Particles [1.1.0]

Beautiful screenshot is not done, if You drank the potion. But with textures, this problem disappears! Particles-bubbles around the figures of our hero simply deleted the graphic pack. But if it is installed at all, then we have just a great excuse to drink a potion of invisibility!

MC-PE 2018