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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.6.0



SG Town Traitors [1.5.3] [Map]

Oh no! The city was destroyed! All this happened after a traitor killed the mayor. Now someone will have to catch the killer before he escaped. The detective must use all his skills to track down the killer before he reaches the exit at the other end of the village. The role of traitor is a constant search for any roundabout ways, so as not to catch the eye of the officer of the law. This map is recommended to participate at least two players. Before you begin, choose a traitor who will have a desire to kill the mayor, and then hide from the police in the hope that nobody will recognize him as the killer.

Chest++ [1.5.3]

Presented Supplement will turn ordinary stalkerov in wonderful chests. This is another great way to embellish the interior of Your home. This addon offers a great variety of chests for every taste and color. In order to get them.*Censored*is to create chalker, due to the spawn egg, and use dyes to change the appearance. All the boxes are opened and have 27 slots, as usual, for this click on them with the cursor, but without dye in his hands.

Sand Runner [1.5.3] [Map]

This mini-game will cause You to sweat. Here You are offered to be parkour, which was built on the grounds fairly well-known card "Gravity Runner". On the map, a total of 10 different levels. To succeed you have to be in constant motion, as if you are staying at least for one second, You immediately fall into the abyss and perish.  All the way and obstacles on the levels made of sand. As soon as You walk through the blocks, they will fall under Your feet, so you always have to keep running to complete the tests. If You lose, level will be automatically restored, and have the opportunity to try again and again.

AmplifiedInsanity [1.5.3] [Map]

This is absolutely normal generated world, ported from the PC version of Minecraft. Developer there have been some improvements, such as changing some biomes where you can find peaceful mobs. This map recommended to play in survival mode without cheats, unless You wimp out. Next to the spawn - approximate coordinates 0,0 in the desert You will find a chest. Then look for the spawn eggs that you can use against mobs. Do not put them in the Ender chest until you are sure that You have spare. Lower the world has not changed, but it is better not to appear there, in order to avoid mistakes of the game, but You have the right to do whatever you want. Also replaced various types of stone (andesite, granite, diorite) on the glowing rocks, thick ice and quartz. And still there are oceans of lava.

Granny (Horror) [1.5.3] [Map]

This map is based on a very popular mobile game called Granny, which was originally developed by DVloper. Here You will find yourself trapped inside a dark creepy house guarded by a crazy old lady. Having only a hammer and pliers, You will have as soon as possible to find a solution. Using a variety of shelters to hide from the mistress of the house, not to meet her face to face, otherwise it will turn to You sad.

Train [1.5.3]

This Supplement adds the famous Japanese train from the  JY E235, which is an electric train used for switching the General public. The train is much more than just a mini-court, and he also has space for more players (2 max). So if you are looking for something more realistic and fun than the usual Meinert, you definitely need to try a Supplement on the train!

Night Vision Glasses [1.5.3]

Building and fighting, or just surviving in General in this respect, can be extremely difficult and dangerous during the night. Even turning the brightness to max does not always help. This Supplement can help you with this, as it adds night vision goggles (or glasses) to the game, which you can use to see without any problems during the night. How does it work? Night vision goggles replaced by a leather helmet. This means that you can paint them any color you want, and to use it, you will have to add it in the slot for a helmet.

Untenable 2 [1.5.3] [Map]

An untenable means "Illogical", - map, where nothing makes sense. There are ten levels in which the goal can be anything from the search buttons to do the most obvious things. The map is made to distract you from your main goal. Can you complete all ten levels? This card was created for versions 1.5 and above (not tested in beta releases).
-Play in adventure mode
-only Use hints when you get stuck
-You can't skip levels
-do Not use /spawnpoint
-Rotation of the clouds
-Keep your distance rendering to low to avoid lag
Is not intended for multiplayer games
-Start the card - a mystery. 

Tiny Village Resource Pack [128x128] [1.4.4]

This resource pack you can use for building miniature villages. The majority of the heads and skulls were replaced by tiny buildings, such as houses, wells and farms. Because each block is a structure, you can quickly build a huge (tiny) village within a few minutes. The villagers will be lost if they fall into one of these tiny villages!

Oceanic Redstone v.2.0 [1.4.4] [Redstone]

This oceanic themed house of Redstone, located on the island village with a few houses surrounding it. The house includes more than 50 mechanisms at the Redstone. Hamlet is quite easy to learn even for a beginner. Enjoy! Note from the Creator: This is my first mod, so don't kick me too much, but please, leave your wishes! Changes: Plants in the ocean, the ocean looks beautiful, the new glass roof for the swimming pool

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