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› Plain and perekrestnoe gorge

Plain and perekrestnoe gorge

Plain and perekrestnoe gorge

Presented in side You will be on flat terrain. The most surprising thing here is that near the spawn points generate the gorge of unusual shape. We used to see a variety of long narrow ravines, and not very deep, but You will not have seen. Here crossed between two gorges. Who knows, maybe it was some mysterious symbol. Can this ravine is fraught with some mystery. Only You the strength to unravel it! Start your new adventure in this awesome side.

SEED:1940855309 WORLD TYPE:Infinite 

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The needle near the spawn point

If You want to find a needle in a familiar world of Minecraft, but luck turns away from You - are the led's especially for You. Here You don't have to wander long to find this snow generated design. It is located at a distance of 50 blocks from spawn point. The needle can serve as a great temporary shelter, especially for those who are beginning their new adventure in the world of Minecraft, then you can sleep, cook your own food or make useful items on the workbench. Also explore the mysterious basement.

Village with a blacksmith on the island

In this side You appear are not an island in the middle of the vast ocean. The interesting thing is that it is a small village. Here You will find the blacksmith and get good resources. Start your adventure in survival mode with the led.

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In this side You will be close to three different temples. The map is suitable for those who want to start a new adventure in the challenging world of Minecraft, as there is just a few minutes you can produce about fifty gold and iron ingots. Also presented in side You will be able to find the village and the witch's hut. Generation of the world is indeed very interesting, so be sure to try it on.

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In this side You will find yourself near the triple village is located between four biomes: clay, desert, plains and savanna. In the settlement you may encounter with strange generated structures, for example, a house, standing at the other house. This map is suitable for those who want to start a new adventure of survival in the world of Minecraft. Here You will find chests with useful resources.

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In this side You will be able to locate the village where some houses were on top of quite a steep mountain. The structure is located on the edge of the cliff and look very strange. Among them is the home of a blacksmith. Also near the settlement inhabited by a witch in his little cozy hut. And after wandering in the desert, comes across the temple with protected treasures. Start your adventure in the presented side.

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