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Mob Arena Battles 3 (Beta) [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Mob Arena Battles 3 (Beta)

The mob arena Battles 3 is a PVE (player vs environment) map of the arena which is recommended for multiple players. You can play alone, but it will be quite difficult. Now the mob arena only includes 2 levels with 10 waves, but in the future we plan more than 5 levels, and it is about 50 waves of hostile monsters. This is an amazing card for a good time and at the same time honing their combat skills!

Download mab-3-1.0-beta.mcworld [389,91 Kb] downloaded: 38 times
Download last version of Mob Arena Battles 3 (Beta) from the official website

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How to play? Before you start the game, you are advised to read the rules and guidelines in the game lobby. Once this is done, you will be able to enter the game and choose a class. To select, simply push the red or blue block. Then you are teleported to another platform. Here you need to choose a class. (Step on the block to select the class.)

  • Deadtonator - spawned creeper
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