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› The village near the gorge

The village near the gorge

The village near the gorge

Residents here just with nerves of steel, because their village is in a rather dangerous place - right on the edge of a deep gorge. Perhaps there was some sort of catastrophe, then the population was very lucky that their house and farm fell down. In the presented side, You will appear about this unique settlement so You don't have to search long. Start your new adventure on the survival of this interesting but very harsh world.

SEED:-1000 WORLD TYPE:Infinite 

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Village with a blacksmith on the island

In this side You appear are not an island in the middle of the vast ocean. The interesting thing is that it is a small village. Here You will find the blacksmith and get good resources. Start your adventure in survival mode with the led.

Water village

In this side You will find a village which is located right on the water. Side looks as if it was once flooded and now is only a deserted settlement. Also the village has a resemblance to the popular city in Italy - Venice, where the streets are filled with water and the movement is carried out on different boats. In the presented settlement You will find the blacksmith, farm fields and lots of homes. The village is no different on the other, it just generate in an unusual place.

A small village on the island

This led will take You to an island far in the ocean. But the real fun is just 100-150 blocks of spawn point is a village on the island. The settlement is located on a small piece of land separated from the place where You appeared, and this phenomenon looks very cool.

Led to a triple village

Very interesting and rare led, in which you will appear near a large village, consisting of three separate villages. The village is located in Savannah, so all the houses are built of acacia. Also near the village you will find a network of caves in which you can find a lot of iron and coal

Led to a double village

Led is very suitable to start the game in survival mode, because in a limited world you appear at the junction of the two villages. One desert, the other normal. In the infinite world is just one village. Don't forget to protect the spread lava from the forge, and your whole village will burn

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