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› Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.10.0

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.10.0

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.10.0

Many players previously noticed that the game was added a lot, but not involved in the gameplay. With the release of version 1.10 beta most features are available! Changes have been made to almost all starting blocks and ending with the generation of the game world and the behavior of mobs.

first and foremost have added some interesting mobs: wandering trader - a mob that travels between villages. He spawn in the village for 2-3 days and can offer unusual items that are not typical of the current biome; the beast - the mob, who will occasionally attack the villagers. In addition, the game will appear on Fox and the new colors of cats.

was improved AI for the villagers. Now they have become smarter and for example in the form of rain, will hide in houses and under sheds. And if you trade with them you will see they have a item you want to buy.

With a complete list of all changes can be found under the spoiler below.

Download minecraft_1.10.0.4.crk.apk [87,36 Mb] downloaded: 2153 times
Download minecraft_1.10.0.4.crk.mod_v1.apk [87,36 Mb] downloaded: 415 times
Download minecraft_1.10.0.4.x86.crk.apk [90,74 Mb] downloaded: 493 times
Download last version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.10.0 from the official website

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.7.0

The next beta version and nothing new in the gameplay? You are absolutely right. Developers do not have to break the tradition and again laid out the release with a small list of bug fixes. To see the corrections you can from the list below, or from the video review.

versions Available for download:
minecraft.v. - the official version (no license is required)
minecraft.v. - unlocked all paid skins and textures (does not require license)
minecraft.v. - the version for intel processors (does not require license)

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

1 APR mojang pleasantly surprised us and released the update. I hope that this is not an April fool's joke and all changes will remain. What's new added in this version of Minecraft PE? First added the mobs from the desktop version of Minecraft, namely: dosedel, calling and advocate, as well as related items (totems, eggs, conjuring, etc.). The probability added, and forest mansion, but while the information is inaccurate.

What else is new? New color beds, new blocks including chalker box, new enchant shoes allow you to walk on water and turn it into ice, llamas, and of course fix the errors with the last version

minecraft-pocket-edition-_1.1.0.0.official.apk - the official version
minecraft-pocket-edition-_1.1.0.0.mod.v1.apk version with an unlocked textures and skins
minecraft-pocketedition_1.1.0.0.x86.apk - the version for intel

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

We had to play a version of Minecraft Pocket Edition, as developers have already released another update Of the new: added setting of levitation when you use the command /effect and fixed all the previously reported bugs and errors. The complete list of bug fixes can be found on official website

minecraft-pocke-tedition1.0.5.3-official.apk - the official version
minecraft-pocket-edition- - unlocked all paid skins and textures
minecraft-pocket-edition- - the version for intel

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

14 Feb 2017 mojang released a new update for Minecraft Pocket Edition which adds the ability to trade with villagers, as well as a new format of Addons. All your old Addons will be automatically updated, you can see warning under your Addons, but they will still function.

Model chalker and Ender dragon now you can edit and use in their Addons. Zombie Husk was a little higher than normal zombies, and the children of vilagaros become more sweet with slightly enlarged heads.

minecraft-pocke-tedition1.0.4.11.apk - the official version
minecraft-pocket-edition- - unlocked all paid skins and textures
minecraft-pocket-edition- - the version for intel

Translations for Minecraft [1.0.0]

Translations for Minecraft has the game translated into 93 different languages. Even those which already existed, were considerably improved to provide a more accurate translation for everything from elements and blocks and ending with the messages in the game. It includes such languages as Swedish, spoken pirate, Lolcat and Vietnamese.

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