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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.8.0



Backstabbers [1.0.0]

This addon turns all hostile mobs the familiar world of Minecraft into traitors. This is not a disadvantage, because now they will kill each other before will be accepted for the player. The Supplement is especially useful when everywhere large crowd of monsters. At such moments, You will have more time in order to avoid the danger and save his life.

Village in a mushroom biome

Find a village in a mushroom biome near spawn is a very rare phenomenon in Minecraft. This led is useful in that the local village has a smithy, which is usually lacking in these worlds. The village is located half in the plains, so perhaps this village is not considered a mushroom. In order to find the village, turn left as soon as I appear in the game world, then walk diagonally to the right of 200-300 blocks and will be on the site.

Eight villages, extreme cliffs and floating Islands

In this side you can find eight villages, which are located close to each other. Also on the card were formed many floating Islands and extreme cliffs, is striking in its unique form. Led is full of unusual and rare phenomena. It is great for initial development in the world of Minecraft. All the details You'll learn by viewing the below video.

5 Secret Entrances [1.0.0] [Redstone]

It is, indeed, a useful map if You are looking for unique ways of building a hidden door to cover any room from prying eyes. According to Your desire in this resource are five Redstone mechanisms. Study design and try to implement them in their own worlds. You may have to dig a little in the original device, in order to better understand the structure of the mechanism, so be extremely careful.

Sand Scrambler [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Sand Scrambler mini-game where players must escape from avalanches of sand. Each participant is given a flint with which you need to burn the wooden ceilings of an enclosed space. The blocks will disappear, and the sand on top to crumble. The latter, well-established and not choking the player is the winner. This idea was first laid out, and the developer says that it's pretty fun mini-game.

Wither Turrets [1.0.0]

Wither Turrets brings into play three different turrets. They can be used to improve the security of Your fortress. Using spawn eggs, place combat towers in different places of the base. If the turret detects any hostile mob, it will start to shoot at him, the heads of ischitella. 

The Ender Elytra [1.0.0] [Map]

This is an amazing map with letroy, including many aerial obstacles. Tests are really hard, especially after the initial levels. All the buildings presented in the resource-themed Edge and look amazing. Overall, this is a difficult mini-game, as there is no status, but traps placed everywhere, so keep your eyes peeled.

Big Game Hunter [1.0.0] [Survival]

This card combined with the addon, which will give the opportunity to try out modern hunting in the normal world of Minecraft. The bow will be replaced with a rifle with accompanying textures and sound accompaniment. Also most of the mobs will turn into wild beasts, such as bears, deer, Buffalo. And here not to do without camouflage hunting equipment. Presented map, really well designed, You will surely have fun.

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