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Snowman [1.8.0]


This addon introduces a cool snowmen in our favorite Minecraft world. They are created by the developer not just. Snowmen will protect You from pesky monsters, so You won't have to worry about their safety. Perhaps You think that snowman is useless, as it only throws snowballs that damage. However, in the present Supplement everything is left to chance, so there are snow balls - a great weapon against all sorts of evil. Almost all the snow creatures can be found in frosty plains biomes. For example You might get a Derpy snowman with scarf which can be painted in any color. There is also a cool snowman, especially watching her appearance, he also will be able to change the color of the apparel. Another snowy expanses inhabits the real man is an icicle. The last snowman is quite strange and hostile, he dwells in the lower world, can withstand the hellish temperatures and does not melt. Anti-Snowman is very dangerous as it attacks the player with fireballs.

Download snowman-addon.mcaddon [209,7 Kb] downloaded: 95 times
Download last version of Snowman from the official website
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