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Better Nether (Concept) [1.6.0]

Better Nether (Concept)

The lower world is dark, mysterious, but rather dull place. This addon presents You the idea of creating the perfect Hell in which might want even to live. This expansion adds various new blocks, and incredible mobs that look really intimidating. Only one of the horses created a lot of different undead, if, in fact, crawled out of hell. You will be able to fight a mini-boss, firing his lava shells. There is a dealer willing to sell a lot of mysterious things. This addon is extremely rich, than very interesting. Some of the figures that replace the mobs, you can put a piece of furniture as in the lower world, and in the normal. Share your reviews, would You like to see Hell so in the future? Maybe the developers will hear us!

Download better-nether.mcaddon [2 Mb] downloaded: 28 times
Download last version of Better Nether (Concept) from the official website

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