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Cakewars 2 (Teams) [1.6.0] [PVP]

Cakewars 2 (Teams)

Cake Wars 2 is a map of the arena designed for PVP battles. It coincides with the first part of Cake Wars, released Team Infinite Minds, except that here You have to arrange matches between the teams. On the map there is a working trading system and generation. The whole arena is fully automated, for example, You will not be able to start the fight, if you do not join a certain number of participants. The card is ideal for Realms servers or simple local game. So be sure to call your friends and fight with them.

Download cakewars-team-new-shop.mcworld [138,62 Kb] downloaded: 9 times
Download cakewars-op-mode-tim-new-shop.mcworld [133,14 Kb] downloaded: 6 times
Download last version of Cakewars 2 (Teams) from the official website

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